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About Me

I am Sandy and I live on the Central coast of sunny Queensland.
I am married to a wonderful man and we have 2 grown sons.
One is a professional musician and the other is a professional dancer with Singapore Ballet.
I have been a ballet teacher for nearly 50 years and that is my first passion I ever had in life and it is still very much there.

I am going to share another passion I have with you and that is for PaintShop Pro and all that I have learned about the program over the last 20+ years
I started with PaintShop Pro 7 when it was with Jasc and fell in love with the program immediately, even though it completely overwhelmed me at first
Then with version 9, I wrote over 200 tutorials for PaintShop Pro and adapted them for each version over the years.
Eventually after writing them up to version X3, the Yahoo groups where were learning and mixing with each other, closed down and the group eventually died.

I wanted to redo the tutorials but with the newest version which is 2022 and I did them in Video format and started with a YouTube Channel, which we still have.


About this Course

These lessons and tutorials are designed with the beginner in mind - someone who has just bought and opened it up.
If that is you and you are completely overwhelmed by it all, then you have arrived at the right place to learn this amazing program from the ground up - step by step.

These lessons will also be of benefit to those of you who have had an extended break from using PSP and wish to dive back into it again.
I have also had much positive feed back from students over the years and I have even had people tell me they have used this program for 10 years and have learnt so many new things from my course.