Level 1 Downloads

If you are missing something for a Level 1 lesson, it can be found here
If not, please let Sandy know and it will uploaded.

Grid Texture

Place this into your Textures folder

The following are the 12 Brush Tips I used in Lesson19
There are 2 files in each of these zips - the brush shape and the script - You need both of these for the brush to work
You need to place them here

C:ProgramData/Corel/Corel PaintShop Pro2022/Corel_01

Just place them in this folder - do not place them in the sub folders
If you have PSP installed on another drive other than C, then substitute that Drive for C:

Brokeh Bubbles Brush Strokes Bricks 100 Bubbles
Caligraphy Swirl C-Circle 100 Cloud
Cracks Curlies 100 Dense Dots 100
Sparkles Tweed 100 Watermarble 100