Creative Discovery in PaintShop Pro
Lesson 16

You will need this daisy image from Pixabay
You will need this image and font for this lesson. I have zipped them up for you.
Lesson 16 Zip File

First - Wait for the Video player to load
Then - You need to watch the video before doing lesson below - it has a lot more important information and explanations for you
You may do the lesson as you watch the video though
Also - Click the full screen button on the player to watch it full screen or you may not see all of the settings properly


Locate and open the floral corner - am-corner14.psp.
Duplicate and minimize the original.

    Open a new image
  • 500 x 500 Pixels
  • Raster Background
  • Colour - White
Click OK

Copy the floral corner and Paste it as a New Layer.
Move it into the top left corner with a little bit of space between it and the edges.

Duplicate this layer
Rename Raster 1 - top left & Rename Copy of Raster 1 - top right
Click on the Mirror Horizontal Icon and the corner is now in the top right.

Close the Background layer, keeping one of the two corner layers highlighted and active go to Merge Visible.
Duplicate the Merged layer and Open the Background Layer.
Click on the Mirror Vertical Icon and you now have 4 floral corners.
Close the Background layer, keeping one of the two corner layers highlighted, go to Merge Visible.
Put your choice of Drop Shadow on those corners


Activate your Dropper Tool and Pick a mid purple from the floral corner - I chose #b973c6 (if you wish to use the same colour)
Right click on the Background layer and Promote Background Layer - you now have a raster layer
Flood Fill this layer with the purple - Make sure your Blend Mode is Normal.
Add a New Raster Layer - Call this layer TEXT

    Activate the Text Tool and use the following settings:-
  • Font - Advert
  • Size - 128
  • Units - Pixels
  • Font Style - None
  • Text Options - None
  • Font Colour - Darker Shade of Purple
  • Alignment - Centre
  • Direction - Horizontal
  • Anti-Alias - Sharp
  • Stroke Width - 0
  • Stroke Colour - Any
  • Create as - Floating
To get the darker shade of the purple, left click on the purple in the materials palette to open the Material Properties box.
Grab the slider handle to the right of the colour wheel and drag it down to about half way.
I ended up with #9242a2 (if you are following my colours exactly)

Click in the Centre and Type your text - Click the Apply changes and Move your text into the centre.
Click on the Defloat icon or go to Selections > Defloat

Click on the Purple again - we are going to make it even darker
Grab the slider handle again and drag it down to close to the bottom - I got #1e0e22 (if you are using my colours)

    Click on the Cutout Icon and use these settings:-
  • Vertical - 3
  • Horizontal - 3
  • Opacity - 85
  • Blur - 5
  • Shadow Colour - Use the Darkest purple
  • Fill interior with colour - UNTICKED
Click ok

Add New Raster Layer and call it shadow

    Click on the Cutout Icon and use these settings:-
  • Vertical - 1
  • Horizontal - 1
  • Opacity - 85
  • Blur - 4
  • Shadow Colour - White
Click OK
Lower the Opacity of the Shadow Layer to about 60
Merge All (Flatten) OR Merge Visible

Save as:- YourName - Lesson16a


Locate the Purple Daisy Flower and Open it in your workspace
Duplicate and minimize or close the original
Resize to 40% and Sharpen.

    Use the following settings:-
  • Shape - Round
  • Size- 50
  • Hardness - 100
  • Step -25
  • Density - 100
  • Thickness - 100
  • Rotation - 0
  • Opacity - 100
  • Blend Mode - Normal
  • Continuous - TICKED
  • Aligned Mode - TICKED
  • Smart Edge - TICKED
  • Show Overlay - TICKED
RIGHT click in the centre of the flower and LEFT click and drag the mouse behind the flower.
Smart Edge finds the edge of the flower and clones behind it and to the left - take care not to go over the actual flower too much
because once the clone circle is no longer over the edge, it will revert to normal cloning.
Do some Smart Edge cloning of the Daisy

Save as:- YourName - Lesson16b


  • 1. Mirrored Corners & Cutout Text - YourName-Lesson16a
  • 2. Smart Edge cloned Daisy - YourName-Lesson16b
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