Creative Discovery in PaintShop Pro
Lesson 20

You will need this rose image from Pixabay

And also this image of Sydney Harbour by Caleb Russell from Unsplash

First - Wait for the Video player to load
Then - You need to watch the video before doing lesson below - it has a lot more important information and explanations for you
You may do the lesson as you watch the video though
Also - Click the full screen button on the player to watch it full screen or you may not see all of the settings properly


Locate the Rose and Sydney Harbour images
Duplicate them and close the originals.
Work with the Rose first - so minimize Sydney Harbour

Resize the Rose by 50%
Duplicate the Rose 4 times (5 in all) and minimize 4 of them


Go to the Seamless Tile icon on your toolbar OR Effects > Image Effects > Seamless Tiling
Click on the Icon
When the Seamless Tiling Window opens
Click the Preview on Image box in the top right & Click on the Default Button on the right of the window
and see the result on your rose image

This is the result on your rose image

Change the Corner Style to Curved and you will see a very subtle change.
Now decide on one of these for the first part of this lesson - Resize by 50% again - Sharpen

Save as:- YourName - Lesson20a

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Change the Horizontal Offset to 100
Click OK

Bring up another rose and put the horizontal offset back to 0 and change the Vertical offset to 100
Click OK

Now decide on one of these for the second part of this lesson

Save as:- YourName - Lesson20b

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Bring up another rose
Put the Vertical Offset back to 0 and change the Transition to 0
Check your image
Then change the transition to 100

    Now open a New Image
  • 480 x 360
  • Raster Background
  • Transparent
Click OK

Locate the image you just did in the Material Palette - You will find it in Patterns near the beginning
Check the Image number on the last rose you did and find that one

Angel =0
Scale = 50

Flood Fill the image

Save as:- YourName - Lesson20c


Bring up the Sydney Harbour Image
Resize by 20% & Sharpen
Duplicate Twice = 3 images
Minimize 2 of them

Click on Seamless tiling and click the Default to start with this image
Click on Mirror - you get a reflection image
Change the Direction to Horizontal
Click OK
Resize by 50% & Sharpen - keep this image for the moment

Bring up another image of Sydney Harbour
Change the Tiling method to Edge
Try the width on 100, 50 & 0 to see which you prefer
Click OK
Resize by 50% & Sharpen - keep this image for the moment

Now choose one of the images of Sydney you have seamlessly tiled on the sides and place it on a wide image 800 x 145 to show it is tiling properly
I chose 145 as that is half the height of the image, because I scaled it to 50% ( Angel =0 & Scale = 50)

Save as:- YourName - Lesson20d

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Bring up the last image of Sydney Harbour
Change the Direction to Vertical
Put 100 in the Width
Click OK
Resize by 50% & Sharpen

Save as:- YourName - Lesson20e


1. Rose Seamless on 4 sides - YourName-Lesson20a

2. Rose Seamless on 2 sides - YourName-Lesson20b

3. Rose Seamless Tile Flood Fill - YourName-Lesson20c

4. Sydney Harbour Wide image and Flood Fill with Tile Horizontal - YourName-Lesson20d

5. Sydney Harbour Tile Vertical - YourName-Lesson20e

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