Creative Discovery in PaintShop Pro
Lesson 30

The supplies for this lesson are zipped up here Lesson 30 Zip File

There is an image of a Victorian house, A pspimage of a victorian lady, Some corners from Winni and some divider decor items

First - Wait for the Video player to load
Then - You need to watch the video before doing lesson below - it has a lot more important information and explanations for you
You may do the lesson as you watch the video though
Also - Click the full screen button on the player to watch it full screen or you may not see all of the settings properly


Open all of the Images:-

~ Victorian House.jpg
~ blb-0031-01.psp
~ ads_dividers_set9.pspimage
~ winni.afcn41.6.psp

Duplicate and close the originals


Activate the Victorian Lady image
Left click on the image in the layer palette (not the blue area)
Hold the left mouse button down and drag her onto the image - release the mouse button
Shift her with the move tool to the bottom left corner with the bottom of her skirt off the image

    Apply Drop Shadow
  • Vertical = 10
  • Horizontal = -20
  • Opacity = 50
  • Blur = 15
  • Colour = Black
  • Shadow on New Layer = TICKED
Click OK

Activate Raster 1 (the lady) and Unlink by clicking on the Chain up above
Activate the Raster 1 Shadow Layer and unlink by clicking on the Chain up above

Shift her over towards the left a little bit - in front of the house but not in front of the tree on the left side.
Shift the Shadow over to the Left and in front of the tree on the left side.

Now Take a Screen shot of your work (Print Screen on your keyboard and then Right click in your workspace to Paste as a New Image)
Crop this image so that you have just the Layer Palette showing these 3 things:-

~ The layers are unlinked
~ The lady and shadow are on separate layers
~ The lady and the shadow are apart from each other

Save this as YourName-Lesson30a


Select both of these layers, by holding the Shift key down and then Click on the link button - your layers are now linked again.
With your dropper tool, pick a LIGHT cream colour from her dress for the foreground box
Pick a Dark Brick Red colour from the house (a part that is in shadow is best) for the background box
Add a New Raster Layer
Right Click on the Background Layer and Promote Background Layer
Activate Raster 2 (the New Layer we just added)
Go to Layers > Arrange > Send to Bottom

Flood Fill that layer with the Dark Brick Red
Click on Raster 3 (House image layer)
Resize that layer to 85% and Sharpen
Shift the Lady so that she is in the Centre of the image with the shadow off to the left side of her
Leave her dress below the house image and into the red part.

Add a Drop Shadow to Raster 3 layer - Keep the same settings, but UNTICK Shadow on New Layer
Repeat the Drop Shadow, but change the offsets to -10 and 20.

Activate Raster 2 (Red layer) and place any texture you wish on this layer

Add Border of Cream in 3 pixels
Add Border of Brick Red in 3 Pixels
Add Border of Cream in 3 pixels


Bring up the Corners and then click on layer 4
Drag that Corner onto the Image
Resize the corner by 75% and Sharpen
Shift it with the Move Tool in the top left corner inside the Border
    Apply Drop Shadow
  • Vertical = 2
  • Horizontal = 2
  • Opacity = 50
  • Blur = 2
  • Colour = Black
  • Shadow on New Layer = UNTICKED
Click OK
Mirror Horizontal


Open the Dividers and Drag Raster 2 onto the image
Apply the same Drop Shadow we just used on the corners
Move to the Bottom Left side and place over the Red area and just into the House layer
Mirror Horizontal

Select Copy of Raster 1 (which is the one of the corner layers - the other one is Raster 1 underneath it)
Go to Layers > Merge > Merge Down
Rename this Corners
Select Copy of Raster 2 (which is the one of the divider layers - the other one is Raster 2 underneath it)
Go to Layers > Merge > Merge Down
Rename this Dividers

Select the Background Layer and the Dividers (Use the Shift key)
Go to Layers > Merge > Merge Selected
Shift that New Merged Layer underneath the Corners Layer

Merge all (Flatten)
Save this as YourName-Lesson30b


  • Screenshot of your Layer Palette - YourName-Lesson30a
  • Victorian Image - YourName-Lesson30b
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