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Lesson 34

I have used 2 patterns from previous lessons - goldgrad1 & ads_texture_wood_boards15

I have used Flower 7 Preset Shape for this lesson - If you don't have that one, go here to pick it up Level 2 Downloads Page

First - Wait for the Video player to load
Then - You need to watch the video before doing lesson below - it has a lot more important information and explanations for you
You may do the lesson as you watch the video though
Also - Click the full screen button on the player to watch it full screen or you may not see all of the settings properly


First let's look at a couple of things in the View menu.
At the top you have zoom options and these are self explanatory, but it easier to use the scroll wheel on the mouse.

Next is Full Screen Mode. When you click this you will expand the entire workspace giving you the largest possible space to work in.
Palettes and toolbars are visible, but other things are hidden. Click Shift + A to get out of this.

Full Screen Preview - You must have an open image to get this option.
Accidentally clicking on this for the first time can cause panic and if you do, just press any key on the keyboard to get back to PSP.

Next are the Rulers (which we have covered), Grids and Guides (which we will cover in this lesson)
After that are things we have already covered in the setting up PSP video.


Open a Transparent Raster Image - 300 x 300
Go to View > Grids and click on Grids to turn them on (Click again to turn them off when finished)
You will see grid lines covering the image. By default they are grey and 10 pixels square.

Now go to View > Grid, Guide & Snap Properties

Select the Grid tab if not already selected - here we can change size and colour
Snap influence is set to 100, which means anything within 100 pixels of the grid lines will snap to fit between the grid lines.
Leave the Default Settings and Change the following in the Current Image settings:-

~ Horizontal Grids = 100
~ Vertical Grids = 100
~ Colour = Black

Click OK

Go to View > Snap to Grid and click on it - this turns it on

Load Colour #004000 (green) into your Foreground box and the goldgrad1 Pattern into the Background box:
Angle - 0 :: Scale = 100

Go to Preset Shapes and select Flower 7
Now draw out a flower in the top left box - it will automatically fit into the box
Now draw one in the centre box and also bottom right box

Now put 2 more - in the top right box and the bottom left box

Now add an Inner Bevel of Your choice - Not too fancy
Merge all Layers

Save this as YourName-Lesson34a (the grid lines will not show on your saved image)


Open a New Transparent Image - 300 x 300 - Raster Background
Go to View > Rulers and turn them on - You must have the rulers turned on to use the guides.
Guides are pulled out from the ruler either from the top or the left side
Go to the left side ruler and place the cursor over it - it will turn to a white cross
Left click and hold the mouse button down as you drag this out to the centre - you will see a thin black line - let the cursor go and it will turn blue.

Now up the top there is a grey handle - hold the cursor over this handle - you will see a subtle change.

You will see the white cross still, but when you have it over the handle it will have a black outline.
Right click and this opens the Guide Properties box

Type 100 into the Guide Position box, Click OK and the guide will shift to exactly 100
You can change the colour of the guide from Blue to whatever you wish here also.
Now drag out another guide from the left to the centre - Shift this one to 125
Now drag two from the top and shift the first one to 100 and the second one to 125.

Right click on the bar at the top of the image (this brings up the menu) & Click Snap to Guides
Now click on Change Grid, Guide & Snap Properties and then click on the Guides tab at the top - this is where you change things for the guides and also where you turn them off.
Although to get rid of one you can just drag it to the ruler
Click OK - close that window

Now activate the Selection tool
  • Selection Type = Rectangle
  • Mode = Replace
  • Feather = 0
  • Selection Style = Normal
Select the vertical area - leave a gap at the top and bottom, but the sides will snap to exactly on the guides - your selection will be outlined in faint red.
Now locate the ads_texture_wood_boards15:: Angle = 0 :: Scale = 15
Flood Fill the selected area :: Match Mode = NONE :: Blend Mode = Normal :: Opacity = 100
Apply a Bevel - Use the Default one and change the Bevel to #2 & the Depth to 2
    Apply Drop Shadow
  • Vertical - 10
  • Horizontal - 10
  • Opacity - 50
  • Blur - 15
  • Colour - Black
  • Shadow on New Layer - Unticked
Click OK

Now activate the Selection Tool again and draw out a selection in the horizontal area - leave a gap on either side for the drop shadow
Go the wood boards in the Material Properties box and change the Angle to 90
Flood Fill the Selection
Apply the same Inner Bevel
Apply the same Drop Shadow
Merge all Layers

Save this as YourName-Lesson34b


  1. 5 Gold Flowers outlined in Green - perfectly spaced
    - Your Choice of Inner Bevel - NO drop Shadow
    - YourName-Lesson34a
  2. Wood Boards Crossed over with Set Inner Bevel and Drop Shadow
    - YourName-Lesson34b
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