Creative Discovery in PaintShop Pro
Lesson 36

You will need this Coloured Image from Pixabay

You will also need this zip file of psp images - Lesson 36 Zip File

Download, then unzip to a folder where you store your psp images - these are all Nautical/Beach images

First - Wait for the Video player to load
Then - You need to watch the video before doing lesson below - it has a lot more important information and explanations for you
You may do the lesson as you watch the video though
Also - Click the full screen button on the player to watch it full screen or you may not see all of the settings properly


Click on the Swatches tab in the Materials Palette - this will open the drop down menu for all of the Colour Palettes
that either come with PaintShop Pro or ones that you have made - these will be at the bottom.

Each colour square is a swatch in the Colour Palette
To place a colour in the Foreground or Background box, grab the dropper tool (there is one below the foreground and background boxes)

and either Right or Left click depending on whether you want that colour in the foreground or background box.

Open the Coloured Fractel Image from Pixabay and Duplicate
Open all of the PSP images in the zip file and minimize them for the moment.

Click on the More Option Box to the Right of the Drop Down menu and Click on New Palette

Name this Palette Lesson 36 and click OK or hit the Enter Key
Activate the dropper tool and click on a RED in the coloured Image to place into the Foreground Box
Click on the Add to Palette PLUS Sign beside the dropper tool - this will add it to the Colour Palette and open the Colour Palette Selection window

Select the Colour Palette you are adding this swatch to (Lesson 36) and click OK (you can name the swatch if you wish to)

Repeat selecting a BLUE, then YELLOW, GREEN, PINK, PURPLE, CREAM, AQUA
Then add a few pale colours and add whatever you wish to make it up to a total of 12 colours.

Click on the More Options Box and Click on Large Thumbnails (only for the screenshot - you can take it back to medium size later if you wish)
You will now find this Palette down the bottom of your Dropdown menu and it should also be showing in the dropdown menu.
Take a screenshot and Paste as a New Image
Crop it to include the word Materials at the top and down to just under the 12 colour swatches.

Save as:- YourName-Lesson36a


Open a Transparent Raster Image - 600 x 500
Load #fee9c0 into your foreground box and #a7c1e4 into the background box
Click on the gradient in the foreground box and locate the foreground-background gradient
Set to Linear and Angle = 0: Repeats = 0: Invert is NOT TICKED (blue has to be at the top)

Flood fill the transparent image with the gradient
Activate the Freehand selection tool with the Mode on Replace and the Feather on 10
Select about half way down and draw across the image and all the way around the bottom, so that the bottom half of the image is selected

Add a New Raster Layer and Name it Sand
Flood Fill the selection with the Cream
Activate the Noise Icon - Gaussian Selected: Monochrome Ticked: Noise = 20:

Click OK & Deselect

Rename Raster 1 Sky
Activate the Sand layer
Add a New Group Layer and Name it Beach

The Sand Layer will be indented and part of the Beach Layer Group.

Bring up the Fence image - you have two to choose from, or you can use both is you wish
To drag the fence onto the image, you need to first be on one of the sub layers (we only have one - Sand) - So activate the Sand layer
Now drag the fence OR copy and Paste it as a New Layer onto your Beach scene
Resize it by 50% - resize all layers is NOT TICKED


You cannot shift this fence until you unlink it from the layer group, so click on the link/unlink icon at the top - see where the hand points below

You should now have a chain link on that layer - circled in RED above
You can also shift the layers while they are still linked with the Pick tool, but take care you grab it properly in the centre
or you will shift more than you intend to - this might take practice.
For this reason the move tool may be easier, so you will need to unlink each layer as you add it.

Try both of these methods and then choose which one you prefer

Shift your Fence to where you wish to place it - the images DO NOT have to be placed where mine are.
Don't forget you can mirror/flip them also for a different look.
    Apply Drop Shadow
  • Vertical = -3
  • Horizontal = -3
  • Opacity = 32
  • Blur = 10
  • Colour = Black
  • Shadow on New Layer = Unticked
Click OK

Add the Sandcastle and resize by 50% and sharpen (This is the only image that you have to use)
Move it to where you wish - somewhere towards the bottom or front of the scene and also off to one side - this will be needed here for later in the lesson

Now rename the above two layers - Fence and Sandcastle

Now continue to add psp images to your beach scene - you can choose any of the images from the selection I zipped up for you
(some are not suitable to use though - the frame and the boat as there is no water)
Some of the images are all on the same layer, so you will need to draw around them with your freehand selection tool first - make sure the feather is back on 0 first.
Also deselect before selecting another one from the same image.
You will most likely need to resize and sharpen most of the images - work out how much to make it look all in perspective.
The only ones I did not resize were the lighthouse and birds in the sky.
Add drop shadows to them and Rename the layers

Take a screenshot and Paste as a New Image - You're sending in another screenshot, this time of the layer palette
Crop it to include the Layer palette from the Beach Layer to as far you have in the your image

Save as:- YourName-Lesson36b


Merge all Layers in your Beach scene - we are now saving the Beach scene

I have 2 samples below and I also ended doing something different and used it for the Locked Layers section

Save as:- YourName-Lesson36c


Click on the Undo Icon so that all the layers are open again
Activate the Sandcastle layer
Activate the Paintbrush Tool - Size = 15: Opacity = 100
Left click on the RED swatch in the Lesson 36 Colour Palette you made to place it into the foreground box

Draw a Large RED X across your image with one of the lines going though the Sandcastle
(if you have your sandcastle right in the centre at the bottom you may need to shift it just for this part of the lesson)

Some parts of the X would be over the images and some parts would be behind the images.
As this layer's transparency is unlocked, you can draw or paint on any part of the layer.

Now click on the Lock at the top of the materials palette - the lock is now on the sandcastle layer and the transparency of that layer is now locked.
This means you can only paint over the images on that layer and NOT on the transparent areas.
Change the RED in the materials palette to GREEN and Draw across the sandcastle starting in the centre of the image and across sandcastle and part of the X
Now starting in the sky above the X, draw down over the X and the Sandcastle
You will have GREEN over the X and Sandcastle only

Merge all Layers
Save as:- YourName-Lesson36d


  1. Screenshot of Lesson 36 Colour Palette showing the 12 Colour Swatches
    - YourName-Lesson36a

  2. Screenshot of Layer Palette showing Beach Layer and the group layers underneath
    - YourName-Lesson36b

  3. Beach Image - YourName-Lesson36c

  4. Beach Image with the RED and GREEN X's through the Sandcastle
    - YourName-Lesson34d

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