Creative Discovery in PaintShop Pro
Lesson 38

You will need these 3 Images from Pixabay - Wood boards with Ivy

Pixabay - Neon Heart

Pixabay - Sunglasses

First - Wait for the Video player to load
Then - You need to watch the video before doing lesson below - it has a lot more important information and explanations for you
You may do the lesson as you watch the video though
Also - Click the full screen button on the player to watch it full screen or you may not see all of the settings properly


Open a Transparent Raster Image - 300 x 300
Load #325a32 into your foreground box and WHITE into the background box
Flood Fill the transparent image with the White.
Activate the Selection Tool
Click on the Custom Selection icon

A new Window will open for you to put in the settings
    Place the following settings into the boxes
  • Left = 0
  • Top = 0
  • Right = 300
  • Bottom = 25
Click OK - you now have a selection across the top

Flood Fill this selection with the Green
Click on the selection tool again and then click on the Custom Selection icon
Change the following:- Top = 50 : Bottom = 75

Flood Fill the Selection with the Green

Repeat this sequence with the following settings - only changing the Top and Bottom numbers
Top = 100 : Bottom = 125
Repeat again

Top = 150 : Bottom = 175
Repeat again

Top = 200 : Bottom = 225
Repeat again

Top = 250 : Bottom = 275

Duplicate the layer

    Click on the Free Rotate
  • Direction = Right
  • Degrees = 90
  • All Layers = UNTICKED
  • Rotate Single Layer around Canvas centre = UNTICKED
Click OK

Right click on Copy of Raster 1 in your Layer Palette
Click on Properties
Lower the Opacity to 50
Click OK

Merge all Layers

Save as:- YourName-Lesson38a


Create another pattern 300 x 300
Either Stripes or Gingham Checks
Use a plain colour or a gradient
Experiment with different sizes

Save as:- YourName-Lesson38b


Open the Wooden Boards image with the Ivy
Duplicate the image and close the original
Resize by 40% and sharpen

Select the Smart Clone Tool, which is in the drop down menu with the clone tool

Select the Rectangle as the Selection Type in the Tool Bar
Select a piece of wood above the ivy, but wide enough to cover the ivy and as deep as you can fit in
The Starting point is the very tiny black dot above and to the left of the star cursor.
So Drag out a Selection
Release the mouse and you will have a floating piece of wood

Cover the Ivy with this floating piece of wood, lining up the wood grains
Repeat until the Ivy is covered

Complete by tidying up with the clone tool to blend in the wood grains
Drop the hardness and Opacity to blend it in

Save as:- YourName-Lesson38c


Open the Neon Heart and the Sunglasses images. Duplicate them both and close the originals.
Minimize the sunglasses
Activate the Smart Clone Tool and choose the Ellipse Tool.
Starting in the top Left corner on the Neon Heart Image, draw out an ellipse shape around the neon Heart You will have the floating selection of the Neon heart.

Go up to White box with the drop down menu on the left side of the tool bar
Open this by clicking on the tiny triangle on the right side
There is a square box in the bottom right corner, just above the Cancel button (in the RED box below) - click on this

It is the "Create SmartClone tip from Selection" button
A new window will open where you will give it a name - I named my "Neon Heart" & Click OK
Your neon heart is now saved.

Minimize the Neon Heart image now and open up the Sunglasses image
Click on the Crop Tool (this will also close down the annoying heart that is there)
Crop the Sunglasses quite close and click the Apply Tick

Activate the Smart Clone tool and go back up to the white box and open it to select the Neon Heart
Click OK - Then you will have the huge neon heart back
Go to the Tool bar - Place 25 in the Size : In the Rotation place 340 : Now change the Mode to Blend
Now you have a smaller heart - Hove over the left lens of the sunglasses and click when you think the heart is in the right place over the centre of the lens.
Go back up to the Tool Bar and change the Size to 20 and the Rotation to 330
Now place this heart on the right lens of the sunglasses

Resize the whole image by 40% and Sharpen

Save as:- YourName-Lesson38d


  1. Green Gingham Pattern
    - YourName-Lesson38a

  2. Your choice of Stripe or Gingham - any colour or gradient - 300 x 300
    - YourName-Lesson38b

  3. Wood panels with Ivy removed
    - YourName-Lesson38c

  4. Neon Heart cloned onto the Sunglasses
    - YourName-Lesson38d

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