Creative Discovery in PaintShop Pro
Lesson 43

First - Wait for the Video player to load
Then - You need to watch the video before doing lesson below - it has a lot more important information and explanations for you
You may do the lesson as you watch the video though
Also - Click the full screen button on the player to watch it full screen or you may not see all of the settings properly


Open a New Transparent Image - 500 x 400 - Raster Background
In the Material Palette, load #3c491e into your Foreground Box and goldgrad1 pattern into your Background Box.
Have the Angle = 0 and the Scale = 25.

    Activate the Text Tool
  • Font - Arial Black
  • Size - 72
  • Units - Pixels
  • Font Style - None
  • Text Options - None
  • Font Colour - Gold pattern
  • Alignment - Centre
  • Direction - Left to Right
  • Anti-Alias - Sharp
  • Stroke Width - 2
  • Stroke Colour - Green
  • Create as - Vector
Check your Leading and Kerning is set on 0 and the Line Style is Solid - You may need to go into More Options.

Click somewhere in the Centre of your Image and Type the word "Discovery" - Have a Capital D.
Click the Apply changes Tick. You will now have a bounding box around your text , which you can pull and drag on the nodes to alter the shape of the text.

Check your layer palette - you now have an extra layer - Vector 1. When you use Vector text or objects, a new Vector Layer is created for you automatically.
Click on the small white triangle to the left of Vector 1 - this opens the Text layer with the Words Discovery.
Centre the Text in the canvas by clicking on the Centre in Canvas icon - Blue circle with a cross through it.

Now you are going to Pull and Drag on the Nodes of the bounding box to alter your text shape.
You also have a handle where you can rotate your text.
You can also hold down the Shift or Ctrl Key while dragging on the nodes - this distorts the text more.
Play with this now and see what you can do.

Now you have some distorted text, let's go further
Right click on the Layer that says Discovery and Click on Edit Text.
You will now have a flashing line to the left of the Capital D.

Hold your mouse over this line and drag across the D - this will now be selected and this letter only can be altered.

Go to the stroke width in the tool bar and change it to 4 - the Green outline on the D is now thicker.
Right click on the green in the Materials Palette to bring up the Recent Materials box - change it to the RED.
Left click on the goldgrad1 pattern and locate either a pattern of gradient to change the fill to - something that goes with the Red outline. Click OK.

The bounding box is back and the D is no longer highlighted.

Right click on the Layer Discovery and Select Properties - this brings up the Vector Property box.
Here you can see the Stroke Colour and Width, the Fill, and also the Line Style that you have at the moment. You can change any of these things in the box.
Change the Line Style to a Dot, Dash or Mixture of Dots and Dashes - Your Choice. Click OK
You will see now the Red Outline on the D and also the Green outline on all of the other letters has now changed to what you selected for the Line Style.

Right Click on Vector 1 Layer and Select Convert to Raster Layer - we are going to add an Inner Bevel and Drop Shadow. You cannot add these to Vector Layers, only Raster layers. If you don't convert it first, when you go to apply an effect, PSP will prompt you to convert it to a Raster Layer anyway.
Your Discovery Layer and Vector 1 Layer are now combined to form Raster 2.

Apply an Inner Bevel that is fairly simple - your choice.
Now apply a Drop Shadow of your choice - Don't chop it off though.
Merge the layers
Now Crop the image - don't chop off the Drop Shadows.

Save as:- YourName-Lesson43a


Hold the Shift key down and click on the New Image Icon in the top left of the Tool Bar.
Another New Image will open exactly the same as the last one we opened.
Activate the Text Tool and Change the Stroke width back to 2 - it doesn't matter what colours or patterns you have in the materials palette and the colour boxes, as we are going to change them all.
Type the Word Discovery again, Click the Apply Changes Tick and Centre the text in the canvas.
The bounding box is around your text and you have the same Vector layers in your Layer Palette.

Right click on the Discovery Layer and select Convert Text to Curves > As Character Shapes.
The Discovery Layer is no longer a Text Layer (the T is gone and replaced by the group icon). It is now a Group Layer.
Click on the small white triangle to the left of the Discovery Layer.
This opens lots of layer with each letter of the word Discovery on its own layer - D will be at the bottom.

*Click on the D layer and there will be a bounding box around just the letter D.
Now change the shape of the D by stretching, squashing, rotating, dragging or pulling - don't forget the Shift and Ctrl keys also.
When you are happy with the shape, Right click on the D Layer and select Properties.
Now change the Stroke colours, width, fill and line style if you wish - You don't need to change all of them, but change some of them.
Don't forget you can use gradients, patterns or even plain colours.
You can change the Angle and Scale in the Patterns and do experiment with different Gradients settings.
Click OK when you are finished. **

Now move onto the letter i and Repeat the Process from * to **
Now Repeat with every letter layer.
You can still adjust all of these letters while they are still on layers.
HINT Save this now as a .pspimage file, if you need to fix anything, it is a lot easier if you have this saved.

When you are satisfied, Right Click on Vector 1 Layer and Select Convert to Raster Layer
Add a Simple Inner Bevel and also a Drop Shadow
Merge the Layers and Crop the image

Save as:- YourName-Lesson43b


  1. Discovery Text
    ~ Capital D with RED Outline
    ~ Your own fill choice
    ~ Dot / Dash Line Style on all letters
    - YourName-Lesson43a

  2. Discovery Text
    ~ Each letter distorted in a different way
    ~ Own choice of Outline colour & Fill colour
    ~ Own Choice of Line Style
    - YourName-Lesson43b

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