Creative Discovery in PaintShop Pro
Lesson 44

First - Wait for the Video player to load
Then - You need to watch the video before doing lesson below - it has a lot more important information and explanations for you
You may do the lesson as you watch the video though
Also - Click the full screen button on the player to watch it full screen or you may not see all of the settings properly

You will need these supplies for this lesson

Lesson 44 Zip File

There is a floral .jpg image for the 2nd part of this lesson
There is .ttf file, which is a font
The other 2 are transparent image files

Open all of the images in the zip file and duplicate them - Close the Originals.
Minimize all of them except the Blue Floral.


Open a New Transparent Image - 550 x 300 - Raster Background
Place #37539d into the Foreground Box and #ccdaee into the Background Box - these are both Blues that I selected from the Blue Floral Image
Copy and Paste the Blue Flowers as a New Layer
Flip Horizontal
Resize by 90% - Resize all layers is UNTICKED
Sharpen the image once.
Move the blue flowers over towards the left leaving a small amount of room

Duplicate the floral layer
Go to Effects > Image Effects > Offset

    Use the following settings:-
  • Horizontal Offset = 10
  • Vertical Offset = -10
  • Custom will be Selected
  • Edge Mode = Transparent
Click OK.

Activate Raster 2 (the floral layer underneath).

    Click on Mosaic Antique and use the following settings:-
  • Number of Columns = 30
  • Number of Rows = 30
  • Tile Diffusion = 50
  • Grout Width = 2
  • Grout Diffusion = 10
Click OK.

Right click on Raster 2 & click on Properties
Lower the opacity to 50
Click OK

Create a New Raster Layer - Name this Layer Text
Move this Text Layer to the top

    Activate the Text Tool & use the following settings:
  • Font = Andes
  • Size = 96 Pixels
  • Font Style = None
  • Font Colour = Light Blue
  • Alignment = Centre
  • Direction = Horizontal & Down
  • Anti-Alias = Sharp
  • Stroke Width = 2
  • Stroke Colour = Darker Blue
  • Create as = Floating
  • Leading = 0
  • Kerning = 0
  • Line Style = Solid

Click somewhere down the bottom in the spare space and Type your Name
Move it over so that the first letter is above the edge of the Green twig area

If you have a long name and need more space, go to Image > Canvas Size and make the width wider
Make sure Lock Aspect Ratio is UNTICKED and choose Placement of Left Centre.

Apply an Inner Bevel
Click on the Default button, but change the following:-
~ Width = 3
~ Depth = 2

    Apply Drop Shadow
  • Vertical = -1
  • Horizontal = -1
  • Opacity = 40
  • Blur = 2
  • Colour = Black
  • Shadow on New Layer = Unticked
Click OK


*Duplicate the Text layer
Go to Effects > Image Effects > Offset
Change the following settings:-
~ Horizontal Offset = 3
~ Vertical Offset = -3
Click OK **

Repeat from * to ** 3 times until you have 4 layers of Text. From top to bottom they are:-
~ Copy (3) of Text
~ Copy (2) of Text
~ Copy of Text
~ Text

Right click on Copy (2) of Text Layer & click on Properties
Lower the opacity to 86
Click OK

Repeat on Copy of Text Layer - Lower the opacity to 72
Repeat on Text Layer - Lower the opacity to 58
Merge the layers & Crop the Image so that the space on either side is fairly equal

Add Border of Dark Blue of 2 Pixels
Add Border of Light Blue of 2 Pixels
Add Border of Dark Blue of 2 Pixels

Save as:- YourName-Lesson44a


Now Bring up the Floral Image that looks like an oil Painting
Right click on the Background Layer in the layer palette and Promote Background Layer
Go to Image > Canvas Size - we are going to add 40 Pixels to the Height
If you look in the Bottom Right corner of PSP, you will see the current dimensions are 500 x 418 - It also has this at the top of the Canvas Size Window.

Use the following settings :-
  • Width = 500
  • Height = 458
  • Lock Aspect Ratio = Unticked
  • Placement = Bottom Centre
Click OK (PSP will place 40 in the Top box - as we are adding 40 pixels to the top)
You will now have a transparent section at the top - 40 pixels deep.

Place #68776f into the Foreground box of the materials palette.

    Select the Magic Wand
  • Mode = Add
  • Match Mode = Colour
  • Tolerance = 0
  • Contiguous = Ticked
  • Feather = 0
  • Anti-Alias = Ticked
  • Outside
Click in the Transparent Area
Flood Fill this area with the Foreground colour
Right click on Raster 1
Promote Selection to Layer

Apply an Inner Bevel - Click on the Default button and change the following:-
~ Bevel = #2
~ Width = 3
~ Depth = 3
Invert the Selection and Activate Raster 1 in the Layer Palette
Go to Effects > Image Effects > Page Curl
Use the following settings:-
  • Curl Settings Colour = White
  • Radius = 60
  • Corner = Bottom Right
  • Width = 70
  • Height = 50
  • Edge Mode = Colour = Foreground Colour
Click OK & Deselect

Open the image of the Screws
Activate the Freehand Selection and Draw around the Top Right screw with the cross on the top
Copy and Paste as a New Layer
Resize by 60% and Sharpen
Bring this layer to the top

Go to View > Grid - click on this to turn it on - Also make sure you have Snap to Grid turned on also
Then go to Grid, Guide & Snap Properties
Change Current image settings - Horizontal & Vertical Grids = 20 - use any bright colour you can see easily
Click OK

Move the screw to the top piece and place it on the right side of the board
- Place it on the 3rd vertical line in and the Cross of the screw will sit over the cross of the grid.

Duplicate this layer and GRAB THE MOVE TOOL and shift it to the other side - 3rd line in from the left.
Right click on the top of the image (on the blue part) and turn off the grid
Merge Layer down
    Apply Drop Shadow
  • Vertical = -1
  • Horizontal = -1
  • Opacity = 40
  • Blur = 5
  • Colour = Black
  • Shadow on New Layer = Unticked
Click OK

Merge al Layers

Save as:- YourName-Lesson44b


Find your Own images and Create your own - Must include the following:-
~ Page Curl
~ Text with Offset

Here is one I did

Save as:- YourName-Lesson44c


  1. Blue Floral Tag
    ~ Offset Textbr /> ~ Antique Glss Effect
    ~ Simple Blue Border
    - YourName-Lesson44a

  2. Painting Board
    ~ Page Curl Bottom Right
    ~ 2 Screws in top
    - YourName-Lesson44b

  3. Own Choice - MUST include
    ~ Page Curl
    ~ Offset Textpbr /> - YourName-Lesson44c

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