Creative Discovery in PaintShop Pro
Lesson 7

You will need the Singapore by Night image. Go to Pixabay to download it

Download the 1920x635 image save to a folder where you store your images

First - Wait for the Video player to load
Then - You need to watch the video before doing lesson below - it has a lot more important information and explanations for you
You may do the lesson as you watch the video though
Also - Click the full screen button on the player to watch it full screen or you may not see all of the settings properly

Browse for the Singapore by Night Image and open in PaintShop Pro
Duplicate the image - Shift + D and either minimize or close the original.


Go to the Crop Tool

    Use the following Settings :-
  • Pixel Dimensions W - 500 (Width)
  • Pixel Dimensions H - 500 (Height)
The Crop Tool has set itself up in the top left corner over Marina Bay Sands (building on the far left)

Click one of the Apply Ticks - Circled in Red above

Save this as YourName-Lesson7a


Grab one of the handles - the one on the right side of the crop grid -

and drag it out past the Arts Science Centre (white building looks like a lotus flower)

Click one of the Apply Ticks

Save this as YourName-Lesson7b


Grab the end of the long handle in the centre - this will turn the image around.

Turn the image roughly to a 45degree angle and then crop a rectangular shape.
Do be careful your crop grid does not go outside of the image - Check the corners close to the edge of the image.
See where I circled in Red - this is where you need to check.

Click one of the Apply Ticks

Save this as YourName-Lesson7c


Grab the crop grid and drag it over the city buildings and place the centre over the shorter building with stripes.
I have placed a RED X on this building in the image below

Click on One Step Photo Fix

Click on Depth of Field

Click one of the Apply Ticks

Save this as YourName-Lesson7d


1. Square of Marina Bay Sands - YourName-Lesson7a

2. Rectangular of Marina Bay Sands & Arts Science Centre - YourName-Lesson7b

3. Singapore on an angle - YourName-Lesson7c

4. Square with Photo Fix & Depth of Field - YourName-Lesson7d

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