Welcome to the Creative Discovery in PaintShop Pro Course

Welcome to Creative Discovery in PaintShop Pro Course and I hope you enjoy your time here.
The videos and lessons for this course have been constructed with the complete beginner in mind. If you have been using PaintShop Pro for a little while,
you may find a lot of the earlier lessons very simple, but the in depth explanations are there for the Novice and we all have to start somewhere.

I found when I started using PSP and doing tutorials, I had a lot of questions that were never answered in the tutorials and I had to do a lot of research
and trial and error for the answers. The idea here is to explain a lot of things in PSP and not just blindly follow along with a tutorial. I will also ask you
to do the projects on the YouTube Channel exactly as I have done them and then also a version of your own with your own images, colours and decor.
I do this to encourage your own creativity and to also see if you fully understand what was taught in the previous lessons.
Also at the end of each Level of Lessons, there will be a challenge for you.
Each Level will have 20 Lessons plus projects and 1 Challenge.

You will need to make everything in the lessons exactly as in the instructions, unless otherwise stated where you can use your own images, colours or settings.
With every lesson always watch the videos first for the full explanations - the videos are much more in depth than the written lessons, which have images to help
you and also the written PDF, (you can print this out) which is only a rough guide to the lesson. There are no in depth explanations or images on the PDF document
- it is purely there as a reminder for you and also to print out and keep.

During the videos I let you know what you should save for the lesson and what to name it - there is also a checklist at the end of the video.
Save all of your lesson results as .jpg's unless otherwise stated
This is also in the written lessons on the website and there is also a list on the bottom of the PDF. Now whether you choose to do the actual lesson while
you watch the video, follow the written lesson on the website or even do it with the printed PDF is up to you. We all learn in different ways, so there is a
choice for you.

When you have completed the lesson, go to the forum and upload your results to the appropriate place. And then you may go on to the next lesson.
I will get back to you with feedback ASAP. Please keep in mind that I live in Australia and may be on a different time zone to you. I also ask that you don't
get too far ahead of what I am checking - upload no more than 3 lessons at a time until I have checked them.

There is no time limit to complete these lessons - you may do as little or as many as you like in a week.
But keep in mind that if you only do a lesson every few weeks you are not going to progress or learn this program very easily or quickly. My recommendation
is to do about 3 lessons a week to keep moving forwards. I also understand that life gets in the way of creativity sometimes and you may only get to do 1 or 2 per week - that is fine.

Occasionally I may ask you to redo a lesson or part of a lesson, just to make sure that you have all of the techniques in that lesson mastered.
Please try not to take offence as I am only trying to help you as much as I possibly can - after all, that is what you paid for.

Okay have fun now, and please contact me if you need any help or do not understand anything.

Here is a link to the Forum.
    Please register over there. Here you will
  • Post the resuls of your lessons
  • Ask questions about your lessons
  • Ask questions about PaintShop Pro
This Forum is ONLY for the Registered Students

When you arrive, click on the Key at the top of the Left hand column to sign up.
Also read the welcome message in the General Category at the top - this will give you some instructions of how this forum works
But I have kept it VERY simple - I hate complicated forums where you can't find anything.

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Please check out these videos before you start the lessons.
This first one will help you to set up PaintShop Pro

This one will help you set up your preferences and tell you about saving jpegs

This video below will help you sort a problem that a lot of people have with this program.