Creative Discovery in PaintShop Pro
Project 16

Including content to Lesson 35

You will need these supplies:-
Masks & Preset Shapes

Project 16 Zip File

Download, then unzip to a folder where you store your supplies

I have supplied 3 Masks and 3 Preset Shapes - 1 is used for the Set Creation and the other 2 you may use in your extra if you wish.

You will also need this Korean Scenery Image from Pixabay
Download the 1920 x 1277 version

First - Wait for the Video player to load
Then - You need to watch the video before doing lesson below - it has a lot more important information and explanations for you
You may do the lesson as you watch the video though
Also - Click the full screen button on the player to watch it full screen or you may not see all of the settings properly


Open the Korean Image - Duplicate and Close the Original
Resize by 35% and Sharpen

Open this mask
~ zuzzanna_mask32 (Mask)

Load #537e54 into the Foreground box of the materials palette.
Load goldgrad1 pattern into the background box.


Right click on the Background layer in the Layers Palette and Click Promote Background Layer
Add a New Raster Layer
Flood Fill with the green from the foreground box

Click on Mask from Image and Locate the Mask image that you minimized
~ Source Luminance is Selected
~ Invert mask data is UNTICKED
Click OK

Go to the Texture Icon
  • Texture = Fine Canvas
  • Size % = 25
  • Smoothness = 2
  • Depth = 1
  • Ambience = 0
  • Shininess = 0
  • Colour = White
  • Angle = 315
  • Intensity = 50
  • Elevation = 30
Click OK

Merge Layer Group

Apply an Inner Bevel
Click on the Default settings and change the following setting only - leave the other settings
~ Bevel = #2
~ Width = 3
~ Depth = 3
Click OK

    Apply Drop Shadow
  • Vertical = 2
  • Horizontal = 2
  • Opacity = 45
  • Blur = 0
  • Colour = Black
  • Shadow on New Layer = Unticked
Click OK

Go to Sharpen and click Twice


Add a New Raster Layer
Select all (Ctrl + A)
Select Selection Borders
~ Both Sides Selected
~ Anti-Alias = TICKED
~ Border Width = 10
Click OK

Flood Fill with the Gold Pattern from the Background box
Apply the same Inner Bevel you used on the mask

    Apply Drop Shadow
  • Vertical = 5
  • Horizontal = 5
  • Opacity = 45
  • Blur = 10
  • Colour = Black
  • Shadow on New Layer = Unticked
Click OK

Repeat the drop shadow changing the Vertical & Horizontal to Negative 5

Add a New Raster Layer
Invert the Selection
Contract the Selection by 15 pixels

Invert the Selection again and Flood Fill the selection with the Gold pattern

Apply the same Inner Bevel
Now Drag that border underneath the other border (you will now see both of the borders)
Now apply both of the drop shadows to this border that you did to the first gold border.

Deselect (Ctrl + D)


Add a New Vector Layer
Go to the Preset Shape Tool
Locate the SK Leaves 01 with the following settings

  • Retain Style = UNTICKED
  • Anti-Alias = TICKED
  • Create as Vector = TICKED
  • Line Style = Solid
  • Width = 3
Replace the Foreground colour with #9f5403

Draw out a leaf in the sky area, so that you can see what you are doing more clearly
Resize now before we add Raster effects

Apply the same Inner Bevel

    Apply Drop Shadow
  • Vertical = 2
  • Horizontal = 2
  • Opacity = 50
  • Blur = 0
  • Colour = Black
  • Shadow on New Layer = Unticked
Click OK

Go to the Texture Icon
Locate Dither 25 pct texture and use the same settings as we did on the mask BUT change the Size to 88.
Click OK

Activate the Pick tool and Move it to the bottom Left corner
Rotate so that you can fit the stem just under the borders and not any of the leaves
Once you have it in position, drag the leaves layer under both of the borders

Merge Visible


Activate the Text Tool

  • Font = Cherries Black
  • Size = 72 Pixels
  • Font Style = NONE
  • Font Colour = Goldgrad1
  • Aignment = Centre
  • Direction = Horizontal
  • Anti-Alias = Sharp
  • Stroke Width = 1
  • Stroke Colour = #9f5403
  • Create as = Vector
Click Somewhere in the sky area and Type your text
Click the Apply Changes Tick and you will now see the bounding box around your text

Pull and drag on the Nodes to make your text fit into the sky area

Apply the Same Inner Bevel you did to the Leaves
Apply the Same Drop Shadow you did to the Leaves

Merge All (Flatten)

Save this as YourName-Project16a

Now create another one - your choices of Image, Textures, Mask & Preset Shapes (I have supplied some extras if you don't have any), Colours to match, Font

Save this as YourName-Project16b

Here is another example that I have done.

You can go straight to the forum to post your lessons Click HERE


1. Korean Scenery Image - YourName-Project16a

2. Your Choice, but must include Double Border in a Gradient or Pattern, Mask with Texture, Vector Preset Shape with Texture, Vector Text - YourName-Project16b

Your PDF file is HERE

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