Creative Discovery in PaintShop Pro
Project 18

Including content to Lesson 40

You will need this Image from Pixabay
Download the 1920 x 1277 version

You will need these supplies of Masks:-
Project 18 Zip File

Download, then unzip to a folder where you store your Masks - Make sure that PSP is directed to find these in your File Locations

First - Wait for the Video player to load
Then - You need to watch the video before doing lesson below - it has a lot more important information and explanations for you
You may do the lesson as you watch the video though
Also - Click the full screen button on the player to watch it full screen or you may not see all of the settings properly


Unzip and place all of the masks into the Folder where you keep your masks.
You also need to direct PSP to them through the File Locations
Open the Fairy Image - Duplicate and close the Original

Resize by 30% and Sharpen.
Load goldgrad1 Pattern into the Foreground box of the materials palette.
Angle = 0 : Scale = 100
Create a New Raster Layer
Flood Fill with the Gold Pattern


You should have the Load Mask from Disk icon on your tool bar
To get there through the menu is to go to Layers > Load/Save Mask > Load Mask from Disk
Click on the icon on your tool bar to open the Load Mask From Disk Window

Locate the Floral05_X Mask and use the following settings:-
  • Create mask from = Source Luminance
  • Orientation = Fit to Canvas
  • Options = Hide all Mask
Click Load

Merge the Layer Group


Go to Effects > Texture Effects > Sculpture
  • Pattern = goldgrad1/li>
  • Size = 400
  • Smoothness = 6
  • Depth = 10
  • Ambience = 0
  • Shininess = 0
  • Colour = White
  • Colour = 315
  • Intensity = 50
  • Elevation = 30
Click OK


Go to Image > Canvas Size and use the following settings:-
  • Width - 676
  • Height = 484
  • Lock Aspect Ratio = UNTICKED
  • Background = Black
  • Placement = Centre
Click OK


Create a New Raster Layer
Flood Fill with the Gold Pattern
Click on Load Mask From Disk
Locate the jd-mask12 and use the same settings as before
Click Load

Merge the Layer Group

Apply the same Sculpture effect with the same settings as before


Add Border of 4 Pixels - use white as it will stand out Back to the Selection Tool and repeat with the Second square you made - Draw a square right on top of the gold border

Flood Fill with the light blue (on the same layer as the other blue fill)

    Select the Magic Wand
  • Mode = Replace
  • Match Mode = RGB Value
  • Tolerance = 0
  • Contiguouse = Ticked
  • Feather = 0
  • Anti-Alias = Ticked
  • Outside
Select the White Border
Flood Fill with the Gold

Add a Black Border of 4 Pixels

Add a White Border of 4 Pixels
Select it with the Magic Wand
Flood Fill with Gold

Select All
Contract by 12 Pixels
Invert the Selection

Click OK

    Apply Inner Bevel
  • Bevel = #2
  • Width = 5
  • Smoothness = 10
  • Depth = 3
  • Ambience = 87
  • Shininess = 50
  • Colour = White
  • Angle = 22
  • Intensity = 30
  • Elevation = 25
Click OK

    Apply Drop Shadow
  • Vertical = 5
  • Horizontal = 5
  • Opacity = 35
  • Blur = 15
  • Colour = Light Grey in Recent Colours
  • Shadow on New Layer = Unticked
Click OK

Reapply the Drop Shadow with the Vertical & Horizontal changed to Negative 5 Deselect Merge all Layers Save this as YourName-Project18a

Now create another one - Your choices of Image, Masks, Colours to match
Take care when choosing masks. Keep the dimensions similar to the image - You may crop your image to a square if you wish.

Save this as YourName-Project18b

Here is another example that I have done.

You can go straight to the forum to post your lessons Click HERE


1. Fairy Image - YourName-Project17a

2. Your Choice, but must include 2 Masks with your choice of colours - Increase the canvas to place the 2nd one
Must have sculpture Effects
Add a border of your choice

- YourName-Project18b

Your PDF file is HERE

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