Creative Discovery in PaintShop Pro
Project 19

Including content to Lesson 42

You will need this Images from Pixabay - Download the 1920 x 1277 versions

Calligraphy Background

Vintage Lady

Roses Background

Pink Rose

You will need these supplies:- A font and a corner
Project 19 Zip File

Download, then unzip to a folder where you store your fonts and corners

First - Wait for the Video player to load
Then - You need to watch the video before doing lesson below - it has a lot more important information and explanations for you
You may do the lesson as you watch the video though
Also - Click the full screen button on the player to watch it full screen or you may not see all of the settings properly


Unzip and place all of the supplies into the Folder where you keep your goodies.
You also need to direct PSP to them through the File Locations.

Place the font where you keep your fonts and if you use a font organizer, then activate it and minimize the organizer - the font is Ajile
Open the Corner, duplicate and minimize for the moment.

Open the Images from Pixabay - Duplicate and close the Originals
    Make a swatch with the following:-
  • Cream :- #faecd2
  • Maroon:- #52272e
  • Pattern:- D_Gold Fold

Minimize all images except the Tan Background with the writing on it and the Roses Background


    Click on Image Arithmetic and Use the following Settings:-
  • Image 1 = Tan background with Writing
  • Image 2 = Roses background
  • Function = Average
  • Channel = All Channels Ticked
  • Divisor = 1
  • Bias = -45
  • Clip Colour Values = Ticked
Click OK & The result will open as a New Image

Resize the Image by 40% & Sharpen

Add a New Raster Layer
Fill that with the Cream Colour
Right click on the Background layer and Promote Background Layer = Raster 2
Now move the Cream layer underneath and to the Bottom
Right click on Raster 2 and click on Properties
In the Layer Properties box, Lower the Opacity to 50
Click OK


Add a New Raster Layer and name it Border
Select All
Contract the selection by 3 Pixels
Invert the Selection
Zoom in to Flood fill the Selection with the Gold Pattern
    Apply Drop Shadow
  • Vertical = 1
  • Horizontal = 1
  • Opacity = 100
  • Blur = 2
  • Colour = Black
  • Shadow on New Layer = Unticked
Click OK

Reapply the Drop Shadow with the Vertical & Horizontal changed to Negative 1
Deselect - Ctrl+D


Create a New Raster Layer - Name it Gold Square
Activate the Selection Tool and Click on the Custom Selection
Place 75 in the Top and Left Boxes
Place 250 in the Right and Bottom Boxes
Click OK

Flood Fill with the Gold Pattern
Contract the Selection by 3 Pixels
Hit the Delete key on your keyboard
Apply a Drop Shadow - Change the Vertical & Horizontal back to 1 (leave the other settings) and click OK

Duplicate that layer = Copy of Gold Square
Resize the Copy Layer by 75 % - Resize all layers in UNTICKED

Move the Copy Layer down and over to the Right, so that they overlap and create a small square shape with the overlap.
Your smaller square will roughly be in the centre of the whole image


    Activate the Freehand Selection Tool
  • Selection Type = Edge Seeker
  • Mode = Add
  • Feather = 25
  • Range = 5
  • Smoothing = 0
  • Anti-Alias = Ticked
Click somewhere on the edge of the lady and continue to click around her close to the edge - when you get to the end Double Click to close the selection
Copy and Paste as a New Layer
Rename this layer Lady
Resize the Copy Layer by 30 % - Resize all layers in UNTICKED

With the Move tool, position her in the bottom right corner, so that the dark edges around her are off the edge of the image and not seen.
Drag this Lady layer down underneath the Border layer, so the border is now in front of her.

Drag the Copy of Gold Square under the Lady layer, so that she is in front of the small gold square.


Activate the Gold Square layer

    Activate the Selection Tool
  • Selection Type = Rectangle
  • Mode = Add
  • Feather = 0
  • Anti-Alias = Ticked
Zoom right in VERY close and Select the area where the Larger square overlaps the smaller square,
BUT you are going to select a tall rectangle covering more area than the gold on top
- so we are actually selecting what is the smaller square that is underneath.
You MUST include the 2 drop shadow areas from the gold underneath - the light grey to the left and the dark grey to the right.

Hit the delete key on your keyboard and now the Underneath gold looks like it is on top.


Bring up the Corner and Copy and Paste it as a New Layer
Move it to the Top Left Corner and sit it up against the border, but NOT covering the dark drop Shadow
Duplicate this layer
Mirror Horizontal
Merge Layer Down

Duplicate this layer
Mirror Vertical
Merge Layer Down
Rename this Layer - Corners


Bring up the Rose image
    Select the Magic Wand
  • Mode = Add
  • Match Mode = Colour
  • Tolerance = 2
  • Contiguous = UNTICKED/li>
  • Feather = 0
  • Anti-Alias = Ticked
  • Outside
Click somewhere in the white area
Invert the Selection
Copy and Paste as a New Layer
Resize by 12% - Resize all layer is UNTICKED

Image > Free Rotate
~ Direction = Left
~ Degrees = 20
~ All layers = Unticked
~ Rotate Single layer around canvas Centre = Ticked

Click OK

Sharpen the image
Position it into the Gold Square (the larger one) so that there is a small gap between the edge of the top leaf and the Gold square
- the bottom leaf will overlap for the moment
Drag the Rose layer underneath Copy of Gold Square - just above the Raster 2 layer which is our background image.
Right click on the Rose layer
Click on Properties and in the Layer Properties box, lower the Opacity to 30
Click OK

Paste as a New Layer (another copy of the Rose)
Resize by 8% - Resize all layer is UNTICKED

Rotate this Rose the same as the first one
Click on Flip Vertical
Move the Rose to the top Right Corner of the image, so that the tip of the top leaf is just a pixel or two over the border
Move the Rose layer right to the top, so it is sitting over the corner
    Activate the Selection Tool
  • Selection Type = Rectangle
  • Mode = Add
  • Feather = 0
  • Anti-Alias = Ticked
We are going to remove the areas that are indicated below by the red arrows, except the bottom selection should cover the whole of the gold bar and extend more to the left.

Zoom right in VERY close and Select the area where the leaf on the left is overlapping the gold bar of the corner
- make sure you select around the grey drop shadow area also.
Hit the delete key on the keyboard and Deselect

Now select the gold bar just above the pink petal and select ALL of the gold bar, including the white areas, but not the grey drop shadow.
Extend the selection a little further to the left than in the image above, so that it covers all of the area where the rose petal covers the gold bar

Hit the delete key on the keyboard and Deselect


Create a New Raster Layer - Name it Text
Place the Gold pattern in the Background box and the Maroon red in the Foreground box.

    Activate the Text Tool
  • Font = Ajile
  • Size = 100 Pixels
  • Font Style = Bold
  • Font Colour = Gold Pattern
  • Alignment = Centre
  • Direction = Horizontal
  • Anti-Alias = Sharp
  • Stroke Width = 2
  • Stroke Colour = Maroon Red
  • Create as = Vector
Click Somewhere in the bottom area and Type your text
Click the Apply Changes Tick and you will now see the bounding box around your text
Pull and drag on the Nodes to make your text fit into the bottom area, but not covering the bottom left corner or the image of the lady.
    Apply Inner Bevel
  • Bevel = #2
  • Width = 5
  • Smoothness = 0
  • Depth = 1
  • Ambience = 82
  • Shininess = 42/li>
  • Colour = White
  • Angle = 315
  • Intensity = 41
  • Elevation = 20
Click OK

    Apply Drop Shadow to the Rose, so click on the Rose Layer up in the top Right Corner
  • Vertical = 5
  • Horizontal = 5
  • Opacity = 25
  • Blur = 5
  • Colour = Black
  • Shadow on New Layer = Unticked
Click OK

Activate the Layer above the Text and click Merge Layer Down, you now are on Layer Text
    Apply the First Drop Shadow to the Text
  • Vertical = 1
  • Horizontal = 1
  • Opacity = 100
  • Blur = 0
  • Colour = Black
  • Shadow on New Layer = Unticked
Click OK

    Apply the Second Drop Shadow to the Text
  • Vertical = 2
  • Horizontal = 2
  • Opacity = 100
  • Blur = 0
  • Colour = Cream
  • Shadow on New Layer = Unticked
Click OK

    Apply the Third Drop Shadow to the Text
  • Vertical = 3
  • Horizontal = 3
  • Opacity = 90
  • Blur = 6
  • Colour = Maroon
  • Shadow on New Layer = Unticked
Click OK

Merge all Layers

Save this as YourName-Project19a

Now create another one - Your choices of Images, Font, Corner & Colours to match
Take care when choosing images for the background. Keep the dimensions similar to each other so that the Image Arithmetic does not distort them.
You may crop your images to a square if you wish. If you find beautiful images to use and they are the wrong shape, then cropping them is the perfect fix.

Save this as YourName-Project19b

Here is another example that I have done.

You can go straight to the forum to post your lessons Click HERE


1. Victorian Image - YourName-Project19a

2. Your Choice of images and colours, but must include
Interlocking square or rectangular shapes + Thin border to match
Background with Image Arithmetic to combine 2 images
Images with transparent Background - one you have or one you select with magic wand

- YourName-Project19b

Your PDF file is HERE

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