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Project 4

Including content to Lesson 15

First - Wait for the Video player to load
Then - You need to watch the video before doing lesson below - it has a lot more important information and explanations for you
You may do the lesson as you watch the video though
Also - Click the full screen button on the player to watch it full screen or you may not see all of the settings properly

You will need these two owl images
Owl 1 from Pixabay

Owl 2 from Pixabay

You will also need these supplies - Lauren Script Font plus the texture and Gradient if you need them.
Here is a zip file - Project 4 Zip File

Download, then unzip to a folder where you store your fonts, gradients and textures


Browse for the 2 Owls Images and open in PaintShop Pro
Duplicate the images - Shift + D and either minimize or close the original.

Resize the JLG Owl image (big owl on his own - no tree branches) by 20% and Sharpen
Resize the Moonzigg Owl image (owl with tree branches) by 40% and Sharpen - Also duplicate this one.

Activate Lauren Script Font in Font Base or your Font Manager - then minimize Font Base
    Open a new image
  • 650 x 500 Pixels
  • Raster Background
  • Colour - None = Transparent Ticked
Click OK


We are going to start with one of the owl and tree branch images.
Activate the Eydroppper Tool.
Pick a light blue for the Foreground box from the area just above his head.
Pick a dark blue for the Background box from the area just to the left of him and low down near the wing.

Locate the Foreground-Background Gradient
    Locate the Foreground-Background Gradient
  • Angle - 45
  • Repeats - 5
  • Style - Linear
Click OK
Now Flood Fill your empty image with this gradient.

Click on Texture icon to open the Textures
Click on the default button
Locate the Blue Spruce Texture and change the Smoothness to 16
Click ok

Activate the Owl image
    And have these settings for the Flood Fill tool
  • Match Mode - RGB Value
  • Tolerance - 125
  • Blend Mode - Difference
  • Opacity - 100

RIGHT Click on the Owl Image - this is the result.


Copy the darkened owl image and paste as a New Layer onto the Gradient image.
Lower the Opacity of that layer to between 60-70

Bring up the other owl image (single owl)
    Activate the clone brush with these settings:-
  • Shape - Round
  • Size - 100
  • Hardness - 10
  • Step - 1
  • Density - 100
  • Thickness - 100
  • Rotation - 0
  • Opacity - 20
  • Blend Mode - Normal
  • Aligned Mode - TICKED
  • Show Overlay - TICKED
Activate the Image we are creating and Add a New Raster Layer
Now Activate the single owl image - make sure Clone brush is still activated
RIGHT click on centre the owl Nose
Paint his face onto your image among the tree branches - Take great care not to get "Cut-off" Edges

Activate the move tool to close the Clone Tool down.
Minimize the Single owl image and bring up the other image with the tree branches
- Not the one we made darker with the Blend mode of difference, but the original colours
Activate the Freehand Selection Tool
    Use these settings:-
  • Selection - Freehand
  • Mode -Replace
  • Feather - 50
  • <
  • Smoothing - 10
  • Anti-Alias - TICKED

Draw around the Owl quite close

Copy and Paste as a New Layer to our creation
Flip/Horizontal - so he faces the other way
Move it to the bottom Right Corner


Go back to the other image and still with the selection tool draw around some of the tree branches

Copy and Paste as a New Layer to our creation
Move them to the top Left corner with 2 of the branches hanging down

Paste as a New Layer again and Move the branches to the top Right corner
Paste as a New Layer once more and Move these branches to the bottom of the first ones you just placed in the top right corner

Go to the layers palette and drag those bottom set of branches underneath the layer beneath.
So now the top branches in the image are also the top brances in the layer palette

Lower the opacity of that layer we just moved to 70 - this is the lower branches and the 2nd top layer

Go to the Layer Palette and look for the owl we cloned - it will be the lightest layer - 3rd from bottom

Drag it to the top
If you see any cut off edges on that layer now, circle them with the freehand selection tool and hit the delete key on the keyboard to smooth them out
Activate the move tool and move the layers around to where you are happy with them.

Merge Visible


    Effects > 3D > Buttonize
  • Height - 40
  • Width - 40
  • Opacity - 100
  • Edge - Transparent
  • Colour - DARK BLUE from the Background box
Click OK


Activate the Text tool

    Use the following settings:-
  • Font - Lauren Script
  • Size - 72
  • Units - Pixels
  • Font Style - Bold
  • Text Options - None
  • Font Colour - White
  • Alignment - Centre
  • Direction - Horizontal
  • Anti-Alias - Sharp
  • Stroke Width - 2
  • Stroke Colour - Dark Blue we used earlier
  • Create as - Floating
Click anywhere on the image and Type your Text - Your choice of what you type
Click Apply Changes
Move your Text into position
    Go to Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel
  • Bevel - #1
  • Width - 10
  • Smoothness - 15
  • Depth - 2
  • Ambience - 0
  • Shininess - 0
  • Colour - White/li>
  • Angle - 315
  • Intensity - 50
  • Elevation - 30
  • Click OK
    Go to Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow.
  • Vertical - 5
  • Horizontal - 5
  • Opacity - 50
  • Blur - 5
  • Colour - White
  • Shadow on new layer - Unticked
Click OK

Save this as YourName-Project4a

You can go straight to the forum to post your lessons Click HERE

    Now find an image and font for your own creation based on this tutorial.
  • Any images you like
  • Choose a Font you prefer
  • Use any colours you like, but choose ones that match from your image.
  • Use any Inner Bevel and Drop Shadow - try not to cut off your drop shadows
  • Add any buttonize
Save this as YourName-Project4b

Here is another example that I have done.


1. Owls Tag - YourName-Project4a

2. Your Choice Tag - YourName-Project4b

Your PDF file is HERE

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