Creative Discovery in PaintShop Pro
Project 5

Including content to Lesson 16

First - Wait for the Video player to load
Then - You need to watch the video before doing lesson below - it has a lot more important information and explanations for you
You may do the lesson as you watch the video though
Also - Click the full screen button on the player to watch it full screen or you may not see all of the settings properly

You will need this Ocean Waves image from

And also this image of the Red Headed lady with FLying Hair fromPixabay

You will also need these supplies - Flat Brush Font plus a psp image and some corners
Here is a zip file - Project 5 Zip File

Download, then unzip to a folder where you store your fonts, pspimages and corners


Browse for the 2 Images and open in PaintShop Pro - The lady with flying red hair & the ocean waves.
Duplicate the images - Shift + D and close the original.
Resize the Lady image by 25% and Sharpen
Resize the Ocean Waves by 40% and Sharpen

Open the NikMultiCorners450G - duplicate and close the original
Open the ClamBake_Janet.psp image - duplicate and close the original.
Minimize all except the ocean Waves

Activate Flat Brush Font in Font Base or your Font Manager - then minimize Font Base


Activate the Selection Tool

    Use the following settings:-
  • Selection Type - Ellipse
  • Mode - Replace
  • Feather - 35
  • Anti-Alias - TICKED
  • Selection Style - Normal
Start in the centre of the image, LEFT click and pull out an oval - keep in mind you have a feather of 35
and do not want to chop this off - if you get a flat edge, undo and try again.

Invert the selection and place White in the Background box
Hit the Delete key on the keyboard - we have now deleted the outside areas with a white background.

Go to the Layer palette, RIGHT click on the Background layer and Promote Background Layer.


Bring up the Corners
Copy the Silver Layer and Paste it as a New Layer onto your Ocean Image.
Resize by 75% and sharpen.

    Apply Drop Shadow.
  • Vertical - 1
  • Horizontal - 1
  • Opacity - 85
  • Blur - 4
  • Colour - Black
  • Shadow on new layer - Unticked
Click OK
Move the decor to the left side of the ocean and place the curve of the decor around the images curved edge.

Bring up the ClamBake_Janet.psp image, Copy the image Layer and Paste it as a New Layer
Resize by 60% and sharpen.
Mirror Vertical
Move it down to the Bottom Right edge of the corner

Then move it under the Corner layer
Apply the same Drop Shadow as before

Close Raster 1 and have one of the other layers active to Merge Visible

Open Raster 1

Duplicate the Merged layer and have Copy of Merged layer Selected

Mirror Horizontal

Reposition it so that it is positioned exactly the same as the other side.


Activate the Freehand Selection Tool

    Use the following settings:-
  • Selection Type - Freehand
  • Mode - Replace
  • Feather - 35
  • Smoothing - 10
  • Anti-Alias - TICKED
Draw around the girl's head and a bit of her hair - allow for the 35 feather

Copy and Paste as a New Layer to our creation
Lower the opacity to around 25

Change the Blend mode in the LAYER PALETTE to Multiply
Now you can place her on either side, facing either way.


Add a New Raster Layer and call it Text
Activate the Dropper Tool and choose a Teal colour from the Ocean - place it in the Background Box
Activate the Text tool

    Use the following settings:-
  • Font - Flat Brush
  • Size - 96
  • Units - Pixels
  • Font Style - None
  • Text Options - None
  • Font Colour - Teal
  • Alignment - Centre
  • Direction - Horizontal
  • Anti-Alias - Sharp
  • Stroke Width - 0
  • Stroke Colour - Any colour
  • Create as - Floating
Click anywhere on the image and Type your Text - Your choice of what you type
Click Apply Changes
Move your Text into the centre of the Teal section of the ocean

Defloat the Selection(You placed an icon for this on your tool bar)

LEFT click on the Teal in the Background box and make it darker by sliding the handle almost to the bottom in the Material Properties box.
    Apply Cutout.
  • Vertical - 3
  • Horizontal - 3
  • Opacity - 85
  • Blur - 4
  • Colour - Dark teal
Click OK

Make a new Raster Layer and call it Shadow
    Apply Drop Shadow.
  • Vertical - 1
  • Horizontal - 1
  • Opacity - 85
  • Blur - 4
  • Colour - White
Click OK
Lower the opacity of this layer to 65%

Rearrange things (Remember Text and Shadow are on separate layers)
Crop if necessary and MERGE All (Flatten)

Save this as YourName-Project5a

You can go straight to the forum to post your lessons Click HERE

    Now find an image and font for your own creation based on this tutorial.
  • Now find images, decor and font for your own creation based on this tutorial
  • Use any colours you like, but choose ones that match from your image
  • Use Cutout Text, but make sure you use a fat font/li>
  • Add any buttonize
Save this as YourName-Project5b

Here is another example that I have done.


1. Ocean Waves Tag - YourName-Project5a

2. Your Choice Tag - YourName-Project5b

Your PDF file is HERE

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