Creative Discovery in PaintShop Pro
Project 9

Including content to Lesson 23

You will need these supplies:-
PSP Image

Project 9 Zip File

Download, then unzip to a folder where you store your psp images.
This is another geometric black shape on a transparent background

You will also need this Image from Pixabay

I have also used the Grain Long Deep Texture.
If you don't have it, I have zipped it for you on the Level 2 Downloads Page

First - Wait for the Video player to load
Then - You need to watch the video before doing lesson below - it has a lot more important information and explanations for you
You may do the lesson as you watch the video though
Also - Click the full screen button on the player to watch it full screen or you may not see all of the settings properly


Browse for the Lady Image - open in PaintShop Pro
Duplicate - Shift + D and close the original - minimize for now
Open the Black & transparent psp image you chose to use - duplicate and close the original


Activate the magic wand with the following settings:-
  • Mode - Replace
  • Match Mode - RGB Value
  • Tolerance - 20
  • Contiguous - UNTICKED
  • Feather - 0
  • Anti-Alias-TICKED
  • Outside Selected

Click on one of the Black pieces of the psp image - all should be selected now
Bring up the image of the lady
Activate the Crop tool - Select the Square from the drop down menu
Draw out a square starting up in the top left corner so that the lady's face is in the centre

Crop this image
Copy this selection & Paste it into Selection onto the Black pspimage

Activate the Dropper Tool and choose a LIGHT colour for the foreground box - #d8ded4
    Apply an Inner Bevel with these settings
  • Bevel - #11
  • Width - 7
  • Smoothness - 3
  • Depth - 2
  • Ambience - 0
  • Shininess - 0
  • Colour - Foreground Colour
  • Angle - 315
  • Intensity - 50
  • Elevation - 30
Click OK

    Apply Drop Shadow
  • Vertical - 5
  • Horizontal - 5
  • Opacity - 65
  • Blur - 10
  • Colour - Black
Click OK
Deselect - Ctrl + D


Add a New Raster Layer
Move the New Layer under the Merged Layer
Activate the Dropper Tool and choose a DARK colour for the background box
Then go to the Materials Properties and drag the slider so it is a tiny bit lighter
Flood Fill the Bottom Layer with this colour
Click on theTexture ICON
Reset to Default and then search for Grain Long and Click OK - don't change any settings

Reapply the Inner Bevel - same settings as before, but change the colour to White


Add a Lighter Green border of 5 pixels
Add a Darker Green border of 3 pixels
Add a Lighter Green border of 5 pixels
Add a Darker Green border of 15 pixels

Activate the Magic Wand - same settings as before EXCEPT Contiguous - TICK it now
Click inside the 15 pixel Dark Green border

Go to the Materials Palette and click on Pattern in the Foreground Box
Search for the same Image that we are working on OR Current Pattern
~ Angle - 45
~ Scale - 50

Click OK

Activate the Flood Fill Tool and Fill the Border
Activate the Kaleidoscope Effect and Click on the Default button
Change the Number of Petals to 4
Click OK & Deselect - Ctrl+D

Add a Lighter Green border of 5 pixels
Add a Darker Green border of 3 pixels
Add a Lighter Green border of 5 pixels

Select All - use the icon OR Ctrl+A
Contract the Selection by 13 pixels (the number of pixels in the last lot of borders)
Click OK

Invert the Selection - Click on the ICON OR Selections > Invert
Apply an Inner Bevel with the same settings as before

Click OK
Invert the Selection
    Apply CutOut
  • Vertical - 2
  • Horizontal - 2
  • Opacity - 50
  • Blur - 15
  • Colour - Black
  • Fill the interior with colour - Unticked
Click OK
Repeat the Cutout, but change the Vertical and Horizontal to Negative 2
Deselect - Ctrl+ D

Save this as YourName-Project9a

  • Now find images and Black Shapes for your own creation based on this tutorial
  • Use any colours you like, but choose ones that match from your image
Save this as YourName-Project9b

Here is another example that I have done.
I used a gradient for the background in this one

You can go straight to the forum to post your lessons Click HERE


1. Lady Image with Border - YourName-Project9a

2. Your Choice of Image with Border- YourName-Project9b

Your PDF file is HERE

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